Frequently Asked Questions

We like your provider to have MySQL (Version 5.0 or higher ideally) and php (version 5 or better).  In addition, your service provider should also offer:

  • FTP
  • eMail
  • access to set up cron jobs
  • ability to connect to MySQL remotely

Depending on the needs of your eventual site, there may be some other requirements as well, including ability to create subdomains.

If you're not sure whether or not your service provider offers you everything you need, we can help figure that out for you.

No you don't have to wait. When you build your website based on a content-management system like Drupal, we can create your theme, work out your features, and implement all that while you're still working on your content. All we really need is an idea of the features you want, and what the site map might look like. And we can work with you to figure those things out. For more information see Where to Start.

Absolutely! If you already have a design that you or a design or marketing firm have done, we can implement that for you as a custom theme for your website.  We can work with a variety for file formats for design diagrams, so talk to us so we can figure out what you have and how we can get started.


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