Our Services

We offer quality design and development, delivered to you in a timely fashion and at a budget friendly price.

You get:

  • Secure, branded website design, including look-and-feel, the features you need, enjoyable overall user experience and flow, and solid security and anti-spam measures.
  • Theme creation — we tell your brand story.  If you have had a look-and-feel already designed by a design / marketing firm, we can implement it for you on your site.  If you have just a logo, we can start with that and develop a look centred around that.
  • Expedient execution to take your website from ideas and diagrams to a real site, including helping you find a hosting provider if needed, or hosting your website ourselves.
  • Custom development if you have a particular need that is not met by one of the hundreds of open-source modules already available.
  • Search engine optimisation optimization to help get your website up in the search engine ranks (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).
  • Community sites that have a high degree of interactivity from the community members, including member blogs and forums, comments, eMail notifications to members, event scheduling and registration, image galleries, and more.
  • Maximised social marketting to combine the social networking features of cumminuty sites with your marketting plan.
  • Hosting your website, making sure you have the right back-end resources to keep your site up and performing.
  • Ongoing maintenance of your site to ensure it stays up-to-date, has the latest security patches, and continues to meet your needs.  This can include everything from periodic software upgrades as you need them to acting as your website administrator / webmaster.


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