February 2011


Founded in 2007 as Toronto's forum for LGBT leaders, exeQutive still didn't have a website in 2010.  The group had some good marketing and promotional material, but lacked that crucial on-line presence that helps organisations grow.  In addition, administration of the organisation was a lot of work for its founder, a busy corporate lawyer.  What exeQutive needed was not only a site that would let the broader community know about it, but a solution to enhance member interaction and ease the administrative burden.


exeQutive partnered with ClearlyByDesign.com to design and create its new website, a content-management-based system.  We worked with exeQutive's founder and president to map out stakeholders and needs, determine what features were important, and arrive at an overall design.  We developed a look and feel for exeQutive's website, maintaining key branding concepts, and giving it a professional and modern look.

The site was up and running in early 2011, fully featured to let exeQutive's staff manage the site content, and for members to create their professional profiles and post to the site's message board.  Initial content was loaded at the time the new site went live.  The flexibility of using a content-management-based system meant that exeQutive didn't have to finalise all its content in order for its site to be operational, and to get a true sense of how it would look and operate.


exeQutive's new site does a lot of work for exeQutive automatically, with rules automatically firing triggered by simple creation of new content or timed events.  exeQutive is in control of its site's content, can change it when needed easily, and doesn't have to depend on outside resources.  Members can update their profiles, and exeQutive's moderators are automatically notified.  Specific advantages include:

  • Content creation easily by exeQutive staff and members.
  • Message board private to members.
  • Automated, once-a-day notices of updated content to moderators facilitate passive moderation.
  • Event listings, event sign-up, invitation, and RSVP features ease administration of events, keeping track of who will be attending.
  • Automated membership renewal notices ease this task from exeQutive membership administration.
  • WYSIWYG content editing within the site.
  • Automatic generation of views of various types of content summarising them, such as upcoming and past events, and resource items, without staff having to create those summary pages.
  • Customised, mass-eMails to all / select members right from the site make communications easier.
  • Site search indexing automatically.
  • Submission to search engines automatically when new content is added.



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