Lotus Gill Pilates


April 2010


Kamal Gill knew she wanted to leverage the Internet for marketing, as well as scheduling classes and facilitating sign-ups and administration.  She had a domain name, but not much else.  She had looked around at various options, different on-line tools, but wasn't completely satisfied with what she saw.


ClearlyByDesign met with Kamal, established her objectives, determined the features she needed, found an open-source theme that suited the mood and feel she wanted to convey, and then implemented her on-line presence, including helping her with hosting.


Kamal now has a cohesive website where she can showcase her abilities, her products and services, and where she can start to manage her classes.

  • Easy content creation means she has control over her content instead of having to wait for someone else to update her site.
  • WYSIWYG content editing within the site helps her see what her content will look like as she edits it, in a familiar interface, without having to worry about HTML tags.
  • Custom content types for lesson plans, exercises, and classes help to organise the information she wants to present to her audience in a clear way.
  • Her blog provides a means for her to keep her site current and relevant, and a source of information for her customers.
  • Site search allows website users to find information on her site easily.
  • Class features let her create classes, show them on a calendar, allow sign-ups, and provide her a list of people who have signed up for her class with names, eMail addresses, and phone numbers.  Broadcast capabilities to those signed up for a class means she can easily and quickly connect with everyone in a class should there be any last-minute information or changes without having to eMail each participant herself.



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