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Tue, 15 March 2011
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Owner, web designer, web developer, project manager, trusted adviser, chief cook, and bottle-washer.


A few years ago Shawn decided to check out Drupal as a way to get familiar with both content management systems and web technology. He'd been in information technology in a variety of roles and industries, and with some major organisations. But his exposure to building applications for the web had been limited to leadership of those initiatives. So he decided it would be good to roll up his sleeves and get into the details.

Well, he was so impressed by Drupal, php, MySQL and the other technologies that went into Drupal that he decided he wanted to work in this space!

Career-wise over the last 20 years, Shawn has worked for some significant companies in a range of industries, including

  • financial services with Citigroup, AGF Management, Davis+Henderson;
  • IT consulting with BearingPoint and as an independent;
  • consumer packaged goods with Cott Corporation;
  • retail with Canadian Tire;
  • insurance group benefits with Aetna Life Canada; and even
  • nuclear power generation and financial audit.

Roles went all the way from Programmer / Analyst early in his career, to Vice President and Senior Vice President with a couple of the large financial services companies.

Besides his expertise in website design and delivery using Drupal, Shawn’s skills also include effective strategy development and execution, organisational transformation and development, complex project and programme management, quality software engineering, systems architecture, contract negotiations and vendor management, acquisitions, and adding bottom-line value to a business. Shawn likes to foster solid partnerships with clients, and develop staff through effective leadership and mentoring.

A graphical career overview and detailed CV for Shawn are below.

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