Determine Features

Once you know your goals and those of your stakeholders, we can help you determine what features and capabilities you need in your website to achieve those goals and satisfy the needs of your stakeholders.

We'll determine the nature of the content of your site, including identifying and designing any custom content types, and work through interaction scenarios with you that will determine not only how your stakeholders will interact with your site, but also your site's potential interaction with any business processes you may have, such as supplying feeds of information to other systems if needed.  We'll also make sure we cover off security and privacy needs that may be important to you.

Once all the content, features, and interactions you need in your site are determined, we'll be able to determine an overall plan and time line.  Depending on how much you're trying to achieve, it may be appropriate to divide the initiative into phases, delivering features over time, with critical ones coming early.  That way, you can get your presence 'out there' sooner, and engage your stakeholders earlier.


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